Dots In the Sky

Serenading the Ashes

Fire fire walk with me
Great Ancestors I honor you
And remember

I see the path
You paved for me
You are the path

Your bones are the
Stones beneath my feet
Everywhere I roam

In every direction I move
The oceans of your love
Pulse through the fire

I breathe
The ashes you left
Are the clay that made me

This I know
I know
I know

With every breath
I inhale the love
You saved for me

With each exhale
I breathe the Truth
The seed of you, the seed of me

Great Grandmother nursed us all—
The seeds she planted and
The weeds that appeared

Great Grandmother loved us equally
Guided the entire family
With her path of gentleness

Great Grandmother respected the free will
Of each seed and every weed’s
Choice of direction to grow in

Great Grandmother watered us
With her tears of love
To soothe our burns from

The breath of fire we breathed
At ourselves and each other,
In anger,

While still learning
The power of the breath of fire
In us

Great Grandmother blanketed us
During so many painful years
While we sat in agony

Scarred by fear
Spooked by
Our own breath

Hiding from ourselves
Living in darkness
Prepared to freeze—

Not I, Great Grandmother Queen,
Your breath of fire is
The honor I breathe

With every breath I devote
The fire in me to
The ashes that made you who made me

Fire fire walk with me
I am the fire
I am the breath of fire

That gave birth to me
I am the ashes of all Great Ancestors
That came before me

I am the breath

Singing the purity of love
That lives in the ashes—

I am the clay
Made of you
Who made me

I am the potter; I am the pot
I am the home for
All ancestral seeds

Fire fire walk with me
Breathe life into the dream that I dream
The dream that dreamt of me

I am the wisdom Great Grandmother
Planted in me
I grow tall and strong

I grow together with all my
Sister and brother seeds
I grow free with laughter

I grow in beauty
With the light
Great Grandfather shines upon me

Great Ancestral Ashes
I am your love
I am the love

That your breath of fire
Thought to breathe
Remembering now to breathe again

With every breath
Serenading the ashes
Of you who made me