Hathors In Time

The River Shepherd

In the river of consciousness
There are many boats
When we walk on water
We have no need to float

Heed not, dear Brother
Heed not, need not
Sing strong
Keep on

In the river
Thunderous lightning
Into blossom

A new meadow is growing
Within it a gift
Truth come to flower
With one subtle tilt

I am Lumina
The River Shepherd’s daughter
Hope, the announcer
Calling all to laughter

What is your name?
And what do you do?
I sprinkle light up and down
Twirling things with my sound

So grateful you came
And joined in this game
Of grassroots acceptance
For conscious forgiveness

So show your Truth colors
Trumpet your Truth sounds
Sing in Gratitude
To those all around

I am the Love
I am the Grace
I am the Mother of Beauty and
I came here for Peace