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Turkeys for Mother

Dear Turkey,
G’day and
y Salud.
However you say it
who gives a hoot…
All that matters in the end
is that we honor family,
neighbors and friends.

So here’s to
Your Honor!

No pretending.
Celebrated here in U.S.A.,
every year on my birthday,
Mommy taught me to honor You
on the special government day
dedicated to turkeys and farmers.
Each year, I say,
we’d pat you dry and butter you
up, season your innards and
make stuff(ing) up.

We’d eat you for breakfast
with American pie,
yep, every year
since 1985.
And with each meal
I would listen to Mommy cry.
All these years since we said goodbye
to all our family, friends, and life
in our homeland.
Every year until the year Mommy died.
(Ok, that wasn't really the end.)

Dear Russia,
to You too!
Guten Tag
and God Bless You!
In Mommy’s homeland
they say “Noroc”—
I think it’s a reminder not to choke
on our own good luck.

It seems that on 12.19.2016
You repaid Turkey the honor
of all the years my Mommy cried for You.
Bang, bang, the Russians shot my family down,
and now a flightless bird
shot your Ambassador like an unwanted
dog at the pound.
(Oops, too soon?)

Nah, you fed us with
a stolen spoon
for years, took our
houses, ravaged our fields.
Hey, how about this,
let’s make a deal.
All cultural debts now repaid?
Come on,
wha’dya say?

Going, going,
(Remember, we’re all capitalists now.)
Da, da.
Dasvidaniya day of old.
I say goodbye
to cold neighbors
and angry behavior.
Why not instead we
Cha, cha, cha?

Raise a toast
next time we boast
of pleasures and treasures
in honor of
of the Mother I knew in flesh,
but whose mind and heart never left
the country she left
in 1983
for me to be free of tyranny.

Iubita Mea, Mămica.
In Your Honor.


Light Moth

The dragon blooded moth
Takes flight through the night
Luring all shadows
To come take a bite

Whirling through darkness
Using sonar for sight
Ashy wings touching
Everything in hindsight

Invisible eggs
Pollinating every living mind
Loving winds
Curating acids in Rhine

Exiled by every nation
She is
The forgotten one born again
Of solar flare

Probing blind
Through fire and air
With just one mission –
To reclaim time

Out with history
All of it
Out of the box

And tail feathers
Everything lost
Come one
Come all

The Light Moth
Will find